Loyalty Scheme


The old loyalty card scheme will expire on 31st December 2017. The new reward scheme is an App for smartphones and has lots of advantages:

  • no need to remember to bring a loyalty card with you
  • you will always know how many points you have earned
  • lots more choice on how you can spend your reward points
  • Collect points at every visit by a one touch "check in" on your phone

What is it and how does it work?

Our  new rewards scheme is much bigger and better! You simply download the App onto your phone when you are at reception and we will set up your initial reward points. You will see at a glance how many points you have and what you can spend them on... so all you have to do is decide whether you are going to spend or save!

  • Collect 50 points at every appointment
  • Collect 100 points when you first download the App
  • Exchange your old loyalty card for 500 points on the new system before 31st December 2017
  • Other promotions and special offers may also be offered

It's our way of rewarding you for looking after your own health regularly.  From our point of view, we see clients with all manner of health problems and we know from experience that prevention goes a long way in maintaining health and reducing the onset of symptoms.

Take a long term lower back problem as an example - if you have been having ongoing back problems for 20 years, one massage treatment won't make that much of a long term difference! Rome wasn't built (or dismantled) in a day. However, if you have a maintenance massage once every month or six weeks, it can be your best defence against the return of your condition.  Your massage therapist can help you to ensure that your muscles remain relaxed and healthy by alleviating the stress and tension that builds up in body’s soft tissues.  In the same way as a regular service of your car helps to prevent those complicated and expensive major breakdowns, a regular massage can prevent acute episodes of pain and a return to “square one”. 

New Loyalty Reward Scheme Terms and Conditions (launches 1st November 2017):

  1. Reward Scheme for smartphones launches on 1st November 2017.
  2. Details on how to download the app will be available at reception.
  3. Clients use the app to "check in" to be awarded points. 
  4. 50 points are awarded per appointment at the centre. Clients must check in at the centre at the time of their appointment.
  5. Bonus points may be awarded with special offers and expiry dates and other terms and conditions for the points will be given per promotion.
  6. No cash equivalent
  7. Reward points are not transferrable.
  8. Reward points may be redeemed against the list of Rewards on the App. The rewards may be subject to change.
  9. Instant Redeem Rewards may be used immediately. 
  10. Boooking Redeem Rewards must be booked in advance and Reward Points redeemed at the time of booking.



Old Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions (expires 31st December 2017):

  1. One loyalty point earned for every 30 minutes therapy session.
  2. FREE £5 voucher will be given at stamp 7,13 and 19.
  3. FREE £35 voucher will be given after 24 stamps. Voucher must be presented at reception to receive the voucher value.
  4. Only 1 voucher may be redeemed against any one treatment.
  5. Each box will be stamped in numerical order.
  6. Only our stamp is valid.
  7. No cash equivalent available.
  8. Photocopies of the loyalty card will not be valid.
  9. All rights reserved.
  10. Loyalty Card scheme commences 1st June 2008 and appointments before this time cannot be backdated to qualify for points. 

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