Body & Mind Therapy Centre Mossley, Manchester
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JakeJake, Sports Therapist

BSc Hons Sports Therapy 

Registered with: Society of Sports Therapists

Sports Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Remedial Massage
Sports Therapy

About me:
I am an extremely passionate Sports Therapist and I am driven by the needs of the client. I am able to adapt my skills to the clients needs and able to achieve their overall goals in a professional and polite manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at a semi-professional football club and I have gained many clinical hours. I deliver the best possible outcomes that I can provide by utilising different treatment methods. Not only do you benefit from treatments to reduce stiffness and pain but I receive enjoyment by putting your needs first. 

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"Feedback from on site massage given at a conference at Manchester University -
One lady said “the Reiki was just what I needed. I felt stressed and exhausted before, but after the treatment felt relaxed and more energised”. A man said” the therapist was lovely and very interested in what I needed. The massage was very relaxing and I felt reenergised after”. Another man said” I got a good massage and some info about how to relieve the pain in my back”. Another lady said “Had a very nice relaxing massage at lunchtime”"