"Half Price on a 60 minute Massage"

Collect 1000 reward points and receive 50% off the list price on a 60 minute Massage session. You can choose from any of our range of massages, including aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, Indian head massage, remedial massage, sports massage, Swedish massage or thermal stone massage! All you need to do is decide!

Download the Stamp Me app and then using Quick Scan, scan the following code to join this offer and start collecting your points!







Terms and conditions:
Points will be validated at Body & Mind Therapy Centre Ltd. Points are not deductable, points will be reset after 1000. No cash value for points. Reward is a half price discount on a 60 minute Massage session, list price £38-40 depending on the choice of massage, reward price £19-£20 payable depending on the choice of massage. 50 points will be allocated per appointment taken at the centre. Additional bonus points may be offered as special offers. Please read App prompter before redeeming reward. Rewards may be retained and saved for future use to a maximum of 6 months from the prize qualifying date. Points are not transferrable to a third party. Rewards must be taken for therapies/offers as stated in the Offer. Offer prizes are subject to availability and a comparable alternative of the same value will be offered. We reserve the right to change or withdraw an offer at any time. Offers and rewards are not valid in conjuction with any other offer.