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Massage Techniques Jargon Buster

Published on 14th April 2016

Here is our jargon buster for some terms used in massage:

Petrissage a squeezing movement applied across the muscle fibres. Also called kneading, wringing or rolling, it helps to break up knots and tension spots.

Friction a variation of petrissage, friction stokes use the thumbs and fingers to apply small circular motions

Percussion  also known as tapotement or hacking, uses the sides of the hands to strike repeatedly onto the muscle. Can be either relaxing or stimulating depending on the pressure used.

Effleurage uses both hands to apply long, gliding strokes that follow the direction of the muscle fibres


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"Where do I begin! I am 33 weeks pregnant and had a massage a few weeks back on Harley Stree London and it was nothing like this. Karen was so amazing, I was very relaxed and she took away my aches and pains. I slept through the entire night which has never happened throughout my pregnancy. I was on a cloud the whole day and truly thought they would have to peel me off the waiting room chair afterwards! 5***** from me, can't wait for my post pregnancy massage"