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How reflexology can improve your health

Published on 17th May 2022

The foot is like a map of the body with different areas corresponding to different muscles, organs, and functions that can be improved or balanced using manual pressure. 

Reflexology as a therapeutic practice is known to have many benefits. It can open neural pathways, improve neuron activity, or put the body into a relaxed state. It can be used to benefit many conditions from improving circulation to helping with insomnia. 

While there are too many conditions to list that can be improved using reflexology, here are some of the benefits which can be gained from the treatment.

  • Better blood flow, circulation, and oxygen delivery throughout the body
  • Increased energy levels and improved metabolic performance
  • Helps to eliminate built-up toxins in the system 
  • Reduces stress and improves sleep
  • Manages headache and menstruation pains
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Relieves pain

The ancient Chinese practice of reflexology has proved beneficial in reducing pain or symptoms associated with many conditions. Those who suffer from arthritic pain, or who have an autoimmune condition like Fibromyalgia may be able to get some relief by having regular reflexology treatments. 

As a complementary treatment reflexology has positive mood-boosting effects which may reduce the effects of anxiety and relieve tension by balancing the body's systems and adrenaline levels. 

When having a reflexology session the therapists may ask you about medical conditions and history before using their skills to manipulate parts of the feet to identify and relieve any problem areas. 

Reflexology is a treatment that can benefit everyone from young to old, and almost anybody can schedule a session. After the third trimester, it is even available to pregnant women who may be able to reduce the effects of pregnancy and get relief from things like back pain or morning sickness. 

Schedule a session today and see how reflexology can help you.


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