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Mental Health In 2020/21

Published on 21st August 2021

Managing Your Emotional Well-Being

2020/21 has been hard on all of us.  Not seeing our families and loved ones, worries over our jobs and businesses and health concerns have all had an effect on our mental health.  You may be experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and insomnia.  The onset of shorter, darker days during the winter can also be particularly difficult for people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as the lack of sunlight and spending more time indoors takes its toll.

A professional counsellor can help you develop healthy coping strategies and keep your emotional wellbeing on track.  Together you can figure out what works best for you and your particular situation, developing a toolbox of strategies that you can dip into as and when you need to.

It has always been our policy to keep our prices as low as possible, so that people can access our services when they need them and we can help as many of you as possible.  With that in mind, we have reduced the price of our face-to-face counselling sessions to £48.75 for a 60 minute appointment, giving you a saving of 25% per session.  We are keeping this in place until the end of the year. 

If you would like a free, confidential chat with our counsellor to discuss how she can help, you just drop us an email to or call us on 01457 835491 and we will be happy to arrange it.


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