Acupuncture for Stress Clinic, December Offer

Published on 8th December 2017

The Best Christmas Present You Can Give Yourself

For many people the thought of Christmas conjures up images of family dinners, excited children and brightly decorated homes.  They love the planning and shopping, enjoy cooking the festive food and revel in the Christmas parties.

For others though the festivities bring with them a whole host of extra demands that can feel insurmountable, leading to stress and anxiety.  Fighting through crowds of shoppers, trying to make an already tight budget stretch a little further, being “on show” at Christmas gatherings; these are all stress factors for many people.

Stress can produce both emotional and physical symptoms. Feeling anxious, upset or worried, tired during the day but unable to sleep at night, having digestive problems, low immunity, even chest pains and palpitations are all symptoms of too much stress.

The reason that acupuncture is so effective at dealing with stress, is that it treats the mind and body as a whole, believing that emotional disturbances can result in physical symptoms and vice versa. By treating the root cause of the problem, wherever it lies, other symptoms throughout the rest of the body may also be resolved.

So how can you give yourself the best chance of a stress-free time over the holidays?  Set aside just 30 minutes of “me” time and book yourself in for one of our special Stress Buster Acupuncture sessions.  Many clients report feeling deep levels of relaxation following acupuncture, leading to feelings of well-being.  It is believed that acupuncture may also alter your brainwaves in a similar way to meditation. 


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