Back Pain Is A Pain

Published on 1st January 2019

It is estimated that in any given year, 40% of the population will experience back pain and virtually everybody will have suffered with back pain at some point in their lives. In summary, back pain is very common and it is not just the pain that is the problem! Long term back pain can in turn lead to problems such as reduced mobility, sleep disturbance, reduced confidence, depression, anxiety and marital and financial problems. 

Preventing back pain

  • Exercise – Strong and supple back muscles will support your spine.
  • Awareness - Be ‘back aware’ learn to mindful of your posture, correct lifting techniques and early warning signs of tension build up. 
  • Sleep on a bed with a firm mattress. 
  • Lose weight - If you are overweight there is extra stress on the back; losing weight will help.
  • Maintenance is the key – don’t wait for the pain to start, keep your back muscles healthy and relaxed with regular massage treatments.

Seek further advice from a doctor if:           

  • The pain becomes worse
  • The pain persists beyond 4-6 weeks
  • Your symptoms change


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