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How Can Hypnotherapy Help Achieve Goals Faster

Published on 6th February 2014

Pallavi Srivastava, Lifehacker, Jan 30, 2014, 05.47 PM IST

Do you often feel the pressure of achieving goals and often not able to achieve them or lack the motivation for it? When you think of goals, does the fear of goals often pop up in your mind? Well if that often happens to you, hypnotherapy can be a solution for you to change that. 

Goals: An important part of professional life

Goals are a part and parcel of professional life and more often than not, people are not able to manage them effectively which results in unmanageable stress for them. Hypnotherapy is one of the tools that can really help in this case as it can help to motivate and program your sub-conscious mind (which the larger part of mind with 88-90%) to achieve these goals.

Fear and lack of motivation

There are two basic reasons that causes trouble in our way of achieving goals. The first is the fear of not being able to achieve the goals and the second is the lack of motivation to work towards the goals. Sometimes, both the reasons are present intertwined with each other, while at other times it is just one of the two.

Both fear of goals and lack of motivation are two major hurdles that stop us to work towards are goal and are engraved in our sub-conscious mind. Thus they need to be dealt at the sub-conscious level to be removed. That is where hypnotherapy can be helpful as it works directly with the sub conscious mind.

Hypnotherapy & goals 

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy, in which a willing client is put in a very relaxed state called hypnotic state where the client's sub conscious mind is in-charge and helps him/her to find the root cause of a problem and the solution to the same. A trained therapist acts as a facilitator to the client in finding the solution to his own issues and problem and that makes this therapy very unique and effective.

There are many tools and techniques in this method that can help us achieve goals faster. Let us explore some of these.

Hetro hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis

Hetro hypnotherapy refers to the form of hypnotherapy where the client seeks help from an expert/therapist for finding solution to any challenge he or she is facing. Hetro hypnotherapy can be helpful for a person to explore and remove any sub conscious blocks and resistance he or she has towards goals (sometimes to a particular type of goals). Once the sub conscious blocks to achieve goals have been removed, there will be a shift in the person's approach to goals, helping him to be aligned with it.

On the other hand, self hypnosis is a method where a person can himself access his or her sub-conscious mind and reinforce positive statements to self. This positive reinforcement then brings the desired shift in their behavior. Self hypnosis is also a way which can help you work towards achieving your goals with the help of affirmations.

Often, the experts in this field advise to use a combination of hetro and self hypnosis for best results. As hetro hypnotherapy can help remove blocks related to goals and self hypnosis can give you continuous motivation to achieve them.

Positive affirmations to achieve goals

As mentioned above, positive affirmation is an important tool that can help you in achieving goals faster. The affirmations are actually positive statements that help us install a new program in our sub-conscious mind. It is a very important tool in the process of achieving goals. Affirmations/suggestion given to the sub-conscious mind can replace negative programs, thoughts and beliefs about goals with positive ones. Any suggestion given continuously for 21 days to the sub-conscious mind becomes a habit.

This approach can be used to establish a positive attitude towards goals, which will increase our motivation to work towards it and eventually help us achieve it, effectively and faster.

Tapping your inner resource and strength

The approach that we need to adopt to achieve our goals is to focus inwards and tap into our strengths. Instead, we are usually programmed to focus outside. When we focus outside, we often see the challenges in achieving the goals than the unlimited possibilities. But the moment we shift our focus back to inside, we are able see the opportunities.

This is where hypnotherapy can come as a handy tool as it can help us focus within us and tap our own inner strength and our inner resources. Once we are able to do that, we see the limitless possibilities around us and achieving our goals is a lot easier with that belief and approach.

It is ok to fail

Last and the most important thing you need to know about goals is that, it is ok if you are not able to achieve. The sky will not come falling down, the world will not come to a standstill, neither will the sun stop rising if you are not able to achieve your goals. Success and failure, both are a part of our life and are cyclic in nature.

Thus, there is no need to be obsessed with goals, rather be passionate about it. Give your hundred percent and then let it be. If you get obsessed with the goal, the fear of not achieving it creeps in and that stops you from working towards your and eventually you end up spending more time worrying about it, rather than working towards it.

So, if you often feel stressed and burdened with goals, do not worry as there are many tools and techniques that can help you hack these goals faster and effectively. Hypnotherapy is one such tool. Don't be shy, go explore the possibilities and strength of your own sub conscious mind to realize your true and unlimited potential.


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