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Mum to be? Why you deserve a massage!

Published on 18th November 2019

Massage during pregnancy is not only a blissfully, relaxing bit of “me” time for mums to be, but it is also incredibly beneficial for both mum and baby.  It is thought that the main way an unborn baby benefits from touch, is through the effect it has on the mother.  Studies into therapies for pregnant women have indicated that massage can lower stress, reduce the pain of physical symptoms, improve mental health and lift mood.  Pregnancy drastically alters hormone levels, and this can be seen in everything from mood swings to acne!  Regulating hormones will help you feel better and can even have a positive impact on your baby.

Pregnancy massage involves flowing, Swedish style techniques and the use of bolsters and pillows to make sure you feel comfortable at all times.  Massage during pregnancy will help reduce back pain leaving you with better posture and more mobility.

Being responsible for bringing another human being into the world can make your mind race with worries about the future.  Unwinding with a relaxing prenatal massage can help combat this anxiety and reduce stress related symptoms including headaches and insomnia.

Oedema (swelling) is common in the latter stages of pregnancy and can be uncomfortable.  Massage improves circulation and helps the body eliminate excess fluid and reduce swelling.

Whilst pregnancy massage may initially make you feel sleepy, ultimately you will feel invigorated.  Looser muscles, fewer aches and better circulation can lead to a more enduring energy boost than even the best cup of coffee! 

Once baby has arrived it’s equally important (if a little trickier!) to find time for post-natal massage.  Your body is not only recovering from childbirth but carrying, feeding and falling asleep with baby in strange positions, may all be causing postural issues for your body. 

Many of the physical changes that occur during pregnancy can take time to get back to normal after giving birth, for example during pregnancy an expanded uterus will have stretched and weakened your abdominal muscles altering your posture and putting strain on your back.  Sitting hunched over while you feed baby 10-12 times a day can make your body start to feel as though it’s been through an assault course.  Added to that, those wacky pregnancy hormones are still racing around your body!

Unless you have had a c-section, you can go for a massage as soon as you like after baby is born.  Better yet, when your family and friends ask if there is anything you need – ask them to treat you to a massage and they can have all the baby cuddles they can handle while you relax at the Centre!



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