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Too Nervous To Get A Massage?

Published on 1st August 2019

We often have people call to book appointments who say that they have wanted to come for a massage for a while but have been too nervous to call or come in and speak to us.

Any new experience can be daunting, particularly if you are not sure what to expect.  We work very hard at The Body & Mind to ensure that we are always welcoming and friendly so that our clients feel safe and relaxed as soon as they enter the Centre.

So, what can you expect when you come to us for a massage?

When you enter the Centre, you will be greeted by one of our friendly admin team members who will mark you on our system as having arrived.  If it is your first visit, or if you haven’t been to see us for a while, you will be asked to fill in a couple of forms giving details of your name, address, phone number and some brief medical details.  If you have any questions about the forms one of our team will be more than happy to help you.

At your appointment time your therapist will greet you and introduce themselves, before taking you to one of our therapy rooms.  Your therapist will look at your client notes and carry out a consultation; the length and detail of this will depend upon the treatment you are having.  Once the consultation is done the therapist will leave the room so that you can undress down to your underwear and lay on the therapy bed, covering yourself with one of our large, soft towels.  If you wish, you can wear loose clothing during your massage, as long as the therapist can reach the areas they need to treat.  The therapist will knock on the door and ask if you are ready before they re-enter the room.

During the treatment your therapist will ask you whether you are warm enough, would you like music, is the depth of pressure comfortable for you, do you need to change position.  The therapist may need you to turn over or change position so that they can access other areas of the body during the treatment and they will explain what they need you to do.  Whenever you change position the therapist will always hold up a towel so that your modesty is protected at all times, however if you prefer you can ask the therapist to leave the room while you reposition yourself.  To get the best out of your massage you should always remember that this is YOUR massage and your therapist wants you to be comfortable and at ease.  We want you to feel free to tell your therapist if you are cold, uncomfortable or would like the pressure of your massage changed. 

Your therapist will let you know when the treatment is ending and will give you any appropriate feedback at that time.  They will discuss with you any aftercare and rebooking advice, before leaving the room while you get dressed and make your way down to reception.

Once you are back in reception, you will be met by your therapist, given a glass of water and handed over to reception who will take your payment and make your next appointment for you.  Your feedback on your treatment is always welcome, as we strive to maintain our high standards of customer care.


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