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Aroma foot reflexology and foot reflexology on blood pressure, pulse rate and blood lipid level

Published on 22nd January 2015

 Journal title : Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society;  Volume 13, Issue 9,  2012, pp.4053-4064;  Publisher : The Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society;  DOI : 10.5762/KAIS.2012.13.9.4053

Title & Authors
The effects of Aroma foot reflexology and foot reflexology on blood pressure, pulse rate and blood lipid level of elderly essential hypertensive patients in a rural area
Lee, Hyeon-Soon; Kim, Dong-Oak;

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of aroma foot reflexology and foot reflexology on blood pressure, pulse rate and blood lipid level of elderly essential hypertensive patients in a rural area. The research method was a non-equivalent control group pretest-posttest quasi-experimental design and the participants were consisted of 71 elderly patients with essential hypertension who were being registered at C health Clinic(G gun, Chungnam province). Here, we compared experimental group I(aroma foot reflexology) 24 persons, experimental group II(foot reflexology) 27 persons and control group(conventional treatment) 20 persons to measure the effect. The data were analyzed with SPSS/WIN 12.0. The systolic blood pressure(p<.05), the diastolic blood pressure(p<.05), and the pulse rates(p<.01) of experimental group I and II after intervening respectively with aroma foot reflexology, and foot reflexology for 6 weeks were significantly decreased than the control group, but the blood lipid level was no significant difference among 3 groups(p>.05).

In conclusion, both of aroma foot reflexology and foot reflexology had positive effects to decrease the blood pressure and pulse rates of the elderly essential hypertensive patients in a rural area and would be utilized as a nursing intervention for them.

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Keywords: reflexology, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood lipid level


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