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Setting Goals for 2019

Published on 11th December 2018

Making a New Year’s resolution is an age-old tradition that is popular throughout the Western Hemisphere and stretches back many years.  However, for every resolution that is successfully carried through, there are hundreds that are abandoned and forgotten long before the first daffodils start to flower in early Feb! 

So why do some people manage to carry out their resolutions successfully, whilst others seemingly lack the motivation to continue?  Is there a “magic formula” that you can apply which will guarantee success? 

Goal setting is certainly one way to help stack the odds in your favour when it comes to successfully achieving your aims and Life Coaching is just the thing to help, as it teaches you to set out your goals and focus your energy on taking the necessary steps to achieve them.  Breaking goals down in smaller, more attainable chunks can really heighten motivation as you tick off each step and move forward towards your ultimate goal.  If you, or your loved ones, have goals you want to succeed at in 2019, we can help keep you enthused and inspired with Life Coaching sessions.


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