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Showing Support For Healthy Changes

Published on 11th December 2018

The New Year is often the time when we plan and set out our aspirations for the coming year.  At the Body & Mind we regularly hear from clients who are setting objectives that are health related and, indeed, this is probably one of the most popular goals we hear.  For some clients the goal is to take a more proactive approach to their health as they want to avoid injury or illness.  Others talk about improving their fitness by increasing their activity levels and eating a healthier diet, whilst some are looking to take a more holistic and natural approach to their healthcare.

One of the key factors for succeeding in attaining health goals is staying motivated and focused.  It can also be one of the more challenging aspects.  Having somebody to offer encouragement and support when the initial enthusiasm wanes can make the difference between staying the course and giving up with new health routines.  But how do you inspire someone to continue with their healthy new lifestyle? 

One way of showing your support is to express interest and perhaps offer healthy incentives along the way such as;

  • Reduce the number of sugary items you buy when shopping and replace the "snacks" with healthier alternatives like fresh fruit, mixed nuts or vegetable nibbles.
  • Exchange some of your drinks for a healthier option, like herbal tea or water
  • Be positive in supporting new, active hobbies - like gardening or yoga
  • sports massage to ease muscles which may be being used more than normal in the gym. 
  • Or a reflexology session to help keep the body’s systems in balance and increase energy levels. 
  • Have a tailored session with one of our postural experts to give specific and easy exercises you can do at home on a regular basis
  • Point out progress being made - sometimes it's hard to see it yourself!

We have over 20 treatments to choose from, all of which are therapeutic and are a great way of giving encouragement and support to help someone keep moving forwards in 2019.



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