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Stress And Anxiety During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Published on 13th March 2020

At the moment everywhere we look we are bombarded with worrying news about coronavirus.  It is important to look after your emotional wellbeing during these difficult times as stress and anxiety has increased for us all.

When something like this happens, the feeling that we have no control over things heightens stress and anxiety.  Taking back a sense of control can help enormously so let’s look at some ways we can do that:

Be Mindful Of Where You Get Your Information From

There is a lot of misinformation around regarding coronavirus and it can be easy to get sucked into the more panic-inducing headlines.  Try and limit yourself to only reading information from official sources such NHS and Public Health England and if you are receiving constant notifications that are triggering your anxiety – switch them off!

Limit Social Media

Sometimes it is the people on our social media feeds that are triggering our stress and anxiety, perhaps by talking about it in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.  You can always use the “unfollow” button or temporarily “mute” someone.  Try and focus on uplifting things that make you feel calm.

Shop Mindfully and Locally

According to economists, fear will likely have the biggest impact on the UK economy, rather than the virus itself.  People are panic buying and emptying the shops.  Try not to let your behaviour be driven by fear and buy only what you need.  Shop locally where you can, it’s small businesses that are most likely to be affected.

Do Things That Help Calm You

Don’t forget to spend time doing things that you know will help to reduce your stress and anxiety.  Spend time meditating, have a relaxing massage or try something like reflexology – all these things are regularly used by people to help manage stress levels at difficult times.

Seek Professional Help

If you are finding that your mental health is being affected, don’t be afraid to reach out for support and help.  A professional counsellor can help you to keep things in perspective and they will teach you how to reduce and manage your anxiety and stress.

Remember there are ways to take back some control and there is help available.


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