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Too Ill To Work, Too Broke Not To

Published on 31st July 2019

Self employed?When self-employed people need to take time off work due to physical or mental illness it can impact their finances very quickly.  Some people choose self-employment over being an employee to give them more flexibility when they need it, to help them manage long term illnesses.  However, the financial implications can hit far quicker for the self-employed than those in employment.  In a recent study 51% of participants reported that they received no income at all when off sick.

For some people, an extended period off work can spell disaster.  Clients may go elsewhere, compounding financial issues.  Yet worrying about finances can hamper recovery and delay the ability to return to work. 

So, how do you get yourself back to work quickly when you’ve suffered an injury or illness? 

  • Sports Therapy: Don’t be put off by the name – sports therapy is for EVERYONE!  If you are suffering from back pain, joint pain, stiffness, muscle ache or any musculoskeletal (MSK) problem then sports therapy is your answer.  Your therapist will carry out a detailed assessment to determine what is causing your pain so that they can develop an individual treatment plan for you and deliver the appropriate therapy.  They will also give you a tailored exercise programme to aid your rehabilitation.  Their aim is to get you mobile and pain free as quickly as possible.
  • Massage:  Not the kind you get in a spa but rather a therapeutic massage to help with anything from injury, overused muscles or stress.  Not all massages are the same and range from Remedial for injury, Sports for overused muscle, Deep Tissue for deep-seated tension to Indian Head for stress management.  Regular maintenance treatments will help stop injury re-occurring.  Our Therapy Centre staff can guide you towards the massage that will suit you best!
  • Emotional Health:  Being self-employed can be very rewarding but is also extremely stressful; you can feel as though you are being pulled in a hundred different directions at any one time.  Over time even the most resilient of us can succumb to stress and depression.  Having some one-to-one time with an expert therapist can put things into perspective and teach you coping strategies to avoid burn-out and help you keep your work-life balance in check.

Our ultimate aim is to help you keep yourself healthy so that you are free to run your business and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.


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