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Life Coaching – what is it and why do you need it?

Published on 4th January 2017

So, what exactly is it then?  Life Coaching is a broad term that encompasses coaching in a number of areas where people often need guidance; areas such as relationships, finances, health goals, career planning, gaining confidence;  in fact pretty much any area of life where we might need a hand in working out what our goals are and how we can achieve them.  For example, many of us set goals every New Year’s Eve only to ditch them by mid-January because we have run out of steam or life has taken over and we have reverted to our usual behaviour.  Probably one of the most common goals set on December 31st each year is “to lose weight and get healthy”.  Sounds so simple doesn’t it?  So why do so many of us set that, very admirable, goal only to end the year without achieving it?  How would having a Life Coach make a difference?

A Life Coach will guide you in determining what your actual goal is going to be and help you to pin down the specifics.  “To lose weight and get healthy” sounds simple doesn’t it?  But you need to be asking more questions: why do I want to do it?  How much weight will I lose?  How will I achieve that? Exactly what does “getting healthy” mean to me?  When will I know I have achieved that goal?  ……… The goal needs to be broken down into steps, mini goals if you like, so that you can check your progress.  The Life Coach will help you to work all this out by helping you to unlock the real reasons behind your goals and enable you to get a clear picture of how you will achieve them.  You will learn how to hold yourself accountable and how to overcome self-doubt.  You will be coached in how to ditch your fear and learn why we often hold ourselves back.  Visualisation techniques, like those used by elite athletes, will keep you motivated and on track.

A Life Coach will offer step-by-step guidance in helping you to establish your goals, providing you with the tools necessary to achieve the dreams and ambitions you set yourself – whatever they might be!


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