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Are You Nervous About Massage?

Published on 27th May 2021

Nervous about trying massage for the first time? We get a lot of new clients who are anxious about their first massage, mainly around body confidence issues and because they don’t know what to expect. So, let’s dispel the first myth – you do not have be naked to have your massage; you can wear whatever you are comfortable with, this is your massage and we want to you be relaxed. Secondly, we don’t hand you a teeny tiny towel to cover yourself with during your massage; we have the biggest, fluffiest bath sheets you have ever seen! Thirdly, our therapists see clients of all shapes, sizes and ages; we are professionals and never make judgements about our clients (after all, we come in different shapes, sizes and ages too!). Lastly, we take your comfort and dignity extremely seriously and protect that at all times; should your therapist need you to turn over during your treatment, they will hold up one of the big bath sheets so that you can get yourself comfortable whilst maintaining your privacy.

If you have any questions at all about what to expect, please call one of our friendly team and we will be more than happy to put your mind at rest and accommodate you in any way we can.


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"I felt really confident in the ability of my therapist which added to my enjoyment of the treatment and I feel the overall effect of it. It was a fantastic experience!"