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What's Your Health Worth?

Published on 13th May 2019

It’s fairly safe to say that we all “value” our health; but how much is yours worth to you?  Most people know the value of their house, their car, their bank accounts – and if they don’t then there’s probably an App that can work it out for them!  But how do you go about valuing your health?

How Do You Feel About Your Body

Published on 10th May 2019

Is It Hot In Here?

Published on 30th April 2019

Every woman is unique and the path to menopause certainly reveals just how different we are from one another.  For some women, menopause causes very few symptoms – either physical or emotional.  Others, however, have symptoms which may last for extended periods of time and can range in severity. In a recent survey, 95% of women said that they would try alternative therapies before HRT, because they think they are more natural and because they are worried about the health risks associated with HRT.

Acupuncture in Patients with Allergic Asthma: A Randomized Pragmatic Trial.

Published on 30th April 2019

In patients with allergic asthma, additional acupuncture treatment to routine care was associated with increased disease-specific and health-related quality of life compared to treatment with routine care alone.

Rehabilitation for hamstring injuries

Published on 19th April 2019

Hamstring injuries are a common musculoskeletal disorder, particularly amongst athletes. Many factors have been associated with these injuries, including motor control and strength, soft tissue length and postural alignment.

Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

Published on 10th April 2019

Whilst most people eagerly welcome the arrival of Spring each year, with it’s promise of warmer weather, for those that suffer with seasonal rhinitis Spring heralds the start of itchy eyes, running noses and blocked sinuses.  In the UK 10-15% of children, and 26% of adults are affected (GK Scadding et al, 2017).



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