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Wellbeing Packages for Brides and Grooms

Published on 1st June 2017

Wedded Bliss.....

Published on 1st June 2017

Planning a wedding can be enormously stressful for everyone involved, but especially the bride and groom. We’ve put together our top tips for coping when wedding stress threatens to overshadow what should be a beautiful occasion:

Research Review Shows EFT Highly Effective at Treating Anxiety

Published on 1st June 2017

Although a relatively new therapy, Research shows that Emotional Freedom Technique is highly effective in treating anxiety. It often requires only a few sessions and is helpful as a self-help strategy too.

Immunomodulatory Effects of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Allergic Asthma

Published on 25th May 2017

The results imply that asthma patients benefit from acupuncture treatment given in addition to conventional therapy. Furthermore, acupuncture performed in accordance with the principles of TCM showed significant immune-modulating effects.

A Clinical Investigation on 57 Cases with Infantile Asthma Treated by Foot Reflexology.

Published on 16th May 2017

Foot reflexology was found to be effective in the relief of infantile asthma



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