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Why Does My Back Hurt When I Sit In My Office Chair?

Published on 12th August 2020

Sitting in an office chair, or anywhere else for that matter, is a static posture that puts increased stress on your back, shoulders, arms and legs and can add large amounts of pressure to back muscles and spinal discs.  The current Covid-19 situation has meant that many of us are working from home and are often using dining tables instead of desks and even dining chairs rather than adjustable office chairs. 

Managing Your Feelings Around Lockdown Easing

Published on 21st July 2020

For some people the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions heralds the opportunity to see friends and family, play sports or get back to work.  For others, however, the idea of coming out of lockdown and dealing with the uncertainty of what will happen next, can be a very real worry, even though they may be keen for restrictions to be lifted.

We Are Open from 13th July 2020

Published on 13th July 2020

New Guidelines for Appointments

Published on 10th July 2020

Getting Ready to Re-open!

Published on 24th June 2020

Desperate for your next treatment? Well, we are still awaiting news from the Government as to when we are able to reopen but we anticipate it may be mid-July. As soon as we are given the go-ahead, we will be in touch with clients on our waiting list to let you know so you can arrange the treatment you have been missing the most! 

Stop The Sneeze Allergy Ease!

Published on 28th May 2020

We know first-hand just how horrible it can be to be unable to enjoy summer fun due to allergies, so we’ve come up with a moisturising cream chock full of allergy easing aromatherapy oils.

Tension Melting Muscle Rub

Published on 22nd May 2020

This Muscle Rub recipe is designed to help melt away muscle tension and muscle fatigue.  It is perfect for massaging into shoulders, neck, back and calves and should help keep you going until our therapists can work their magic on you again! 

Bite Be Gone Balm!

Published on 21st May 2020

Bug-Away Repellent Spray!

Published on 21st May 2020

This repellent spray gives you an invisibility cloak so that bugs can’t see you!  Ok, so that might not be true, but we think it’s the next best thing.  Seriously, this amazing little spray is chock full of natural goodies that insects do not like.

Sunsationally Soothing After Sun Spray!

Published on 20th May 2020

With the hot sunshine that the weathermen are predicting is heading our way, we all need to remember to stock up on high factor sunscreen. But, let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of forgetting to reapply regularly enough or of missing bits and getting a little extra “glow”. This recipe will help to tame your fiery skin and make you more comfortable.



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