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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):

There are times when everyone needs support with understanding behaviour and reaction to others. This may be a situation at work, a relationship difficulty, a parenting issue or a divorce for example that would benefit from a change in how to deal with the situation and give a much better outcome. Some of the common reasons people have for seeking support are:

  • Executive/Management stress, Panic attacks
  • Impact of childhood sexual abuse or neglect,
  • Stress, difficulty in coping, relationships
  • Bullying, self-confidence,
  • Parenting, life choices/changes
  • Focusing on goals
  • Managing your own behaviour issues and/or understanding the behaviour of those around you
  • Coping with pain management and help with other physical problems
  • Help for addictions or phobias
  • Dealing with emotional issues, inlcuding anger, depression and anxiety

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a specific therapeutic approach and works on understanding how we think and behave and then learning new methods to change how we react to the given situation. It often involves completing daily worksheets and other homework to reinforce the new ways of thinking developed during the therapy session. Research has shown CBT to be effective for a wide range of problems as well as an effective tool for personal development.

Free Initial Phone Call 

Find out if CBT can help your situation. Arrange for a free, initial phone call with an experienced therapist - simply call 01457 835491 and we will arrange for the therapist to return your call and answer any questions you may have. (Free phone call is confidential and lasts up to 15 minutes)

Therapists: Daisy, Dawn

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