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Cupping Therapy 

Benefits of cupping therapy: 

  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Releases tension 
  • Maintains healthy muscles
  • Increases muscular healing
  • Treat injuries
  • Increases muscle flexibility
  • Removal of waste products from the body including toxins


How it works:

Cupping stimulates the body’s self-healing system. Cupping creates local suction on the skin to increase the blood flow in order to promote healing. The increase in blood flow to affected areas restores functionality of damaged tissue. It also decreases the accumulation of fluids in the area made up of toxins and other non-beneficial elements such as lactic acid. It’s important to remove these fluids as they restrict the blood flow prolonging the healing process so when they are gone, circulation is improved. Reducing the waste products in the muscles prevents tension building up. Cupping moves these unwanted fluids to other parts of the body that can naturally get rid of them. 
Without the presence of injury cupping is a key treatment in keeping muscles healthy. By removing these waste products, it prevents tightness and potential injury. For those participating in sporting activities the benefit of keeping muscles healthy is maintaining performance levels, training more efficiently and reducing the risk of injury. 
When cups are placed on the skin it creates a vacuum which reduces the pressure on the skin and muscles underneath. Cupping is beneficial as it releases the tension in the muscles without the need for a large amount of pressure being applied.

What happens?

Cups are placed on affected areas and a suction is created pulling the skin and tissues underneath up into the cup. These will be left for 5-20 minutes before being removed. Upon removal of the cups there may be a mark left which can last 2-10 days. 


Therapists:  Ida

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