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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy at the Body & Mind Therapy Centre, Mossley, Tameside

You can overcome phobias, lower anxiety, banish panic, build confidence, control pain, and reduce stress using hypnosis. It is not the hypnotic state but the therapy that can be done whilst you are in trance that allows change to occur almost effortlessly.

For many people hypnotherapy is quicker than other forms of therapy. The reason for this is that hypnosis works directly upon your unconscious mind. The conscious mind is responsible for your thoughts and your behaviours. In other words, you direct your conscious mind. 

Your unconscious mind is responsible for storing memories and activating all your bodily function and responses. It directs you. This is why we can sometimes feel as though we cannot control the emotional or physical response e.g. nail biting, or being afraid of flying, shivering to keep warm, or shivering through lack of confidence. Your unconscious mind does this automatically. 

People will seek a hypnotherapist because physical or emotional responses are a problem for them. Resolving the problem at the unconscious level, enables the person to respond in a positive and effective way in future. 

Hypnosis is safe and comfortable. You are in control at all times and will enjoy a relaxing experience in trance. You will only be given positive suggestions to be and do whatever achieving your goal would need you to be and do.

Therapist:  Gloria

Free Initial Phone Call

Find out if Hypnotherapy can help your situation. Arrange for a free, initial phone call with an experienced hypnotherapist - simply call 01457 835491 and we will arrange for the hypnotherapist to return your call and answer any questions you may have. (Free phone call up to 15 minutes)


“The hypnotherapist was really a nice and helpful person. I would recommend her to other people.”


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