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Life Coaching

Life Coaching at the Body & Mind Therapy Centre Mossley TamesideLife Coaching involves focusing, creating and working on present and future possibilities not the past; it's about changing your situation and making a better life – starting here and now and moving into the future with a clear view, organised plans and real action steps.

A Life Coach will help you to get the focus, motivate you and encourage/support your action plans.   Talking it through helps you to tackle those issues you’ve been putting off and gives you a starting point to develop structure and organisation so you can take charge of the future you want and get more out of your life – it's the only one we get so we may as well make the most it!

What sort of issues can Life Coaching help to address?  

  • Personal relationships
  • Workplace relationships
  • Improving rapport with others
  • Career or business matters
  • Achieving ambitions
  • Enhancing latent skills and talents
  • Maintaining a work/leisure life-balance
  • Coping with change
  • Material desires
  • Acquiring or sustaining motivation
  • Developing self confidence and self esteem
  • Correcting perceived personality imperfections
  • Overcoming feelings of failure
  • Eliminating fears, doubts, guilt and worry

Contact us to arrange a short telephone call with our Life Coach who will be happy to advise whether coaching can help you.  You’ll have a chance to talk through your current situation and discover more about how life coaching might be able to help your situation.

Therapist: Jacqui, Jeannette

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