Mindfulness Therapy

We all experience difficulties at some point in our lives. Most times, we are able to find a way through difficulties and dilemmas. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can end up feeling frantic, confused, depressed, exhausted and with our minds in turmoil. At times like this, mindfulness therapy can be very helpful. 

Mindfulness is more structured than counselling. It is a 'down -to -earth' programme of day by day practises and 'habit releasers', enabling individuals to live more fully, moment by moment. Mindfulness allows you to interrupt negative thought patterns and overthinking, helping you to reduce self-criticism and increase self-compassion and thus regain control of your life. Mindfulness techniques incorporate Breathing and Meditative Techniques which you will be encouraged to practise.

Numerous studies have shown the beneficial effects of Mindfulness in boosting resilience, that is, the ability to withstand life's knocks and setbacks. It can bring about long term changes in mood and levels of happiness and wellbeing. Studies show that mindfulness not only prevents depression but is helpful in dissolving away anxiety, stress, depression and irritability when they do arise. Mindfulness is so effective, it is now one of the preferred treatments recommended by the UK's National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE Guidelines).

Free Initial Phone Call

Confidentiality and trust are paramount within mindfulness, as within counselling. It is important for anyone considering mindfulness that they feel comfortable with their therapist. For this reason, we are happy to arrange for a free initial phone call with a therapist prior to making an appointment so that any questions/queries you may have can be answered. There is no charge for this consultation.

Therapist: Jeannette 

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