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Solution Focused Therapy

(currently not available)

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a faster method of finding solutions to your worries and the motivation to get you moving forward. It focuses on your strengths, skills and coping abilities to find solutions to reach your goals.

How does Solution Focused Therapy differ from counselling? It is all about the future and finding solutions for you to lead a more confident and fuller life. Rather than focusing on the past as Counselling does, Solution Focused Therapy is designed to find rapid solutions to your issue. The benefits of improved mental health include reduced anxiety, being calmer, more relaxed, improved concentration, being more confident and a reduction in some of the physical symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, insomnia and shortness of breath.

Individual sessions are 1 hour and can be used to address all manner of issues. We offer a free, initial chat if you would like to know more.

Transforming Anxiety Into Action

We also offer a structured 4-session plan to help people with anxiety. The current pandemic has affected us all in some way or another and it is common to experience symptoms of anxiety around work, life and health issues. Our 4 session plan works like this; the first two session are taken a week apart, and then the remaining sessions fortnightly. Week one will include a detailed assessment of your anxiety and understanding the resources and skill sets you have. Week two will search for a tailored solution to suit you and will include practical tasks to do at home to practice. Week three will assess progress made and further refine your plan, again with more things to practice at home. Week four will see you develop a template for your success and a plan for the future. To book, call us as this option is not currently available on our online booking system.

Individual session appointments can be made online or by calling reception on 01457 835491. 


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"The staff are really nice & friendly and made me feel welcome and relaxed. I am very pleased and enjoy coming to you. The massage was excellent - the best I have had done! Also the hours you are open are great. Keep up the good work! thanks!"