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On-site Therapy Services

As well as proving one-to-one therapies at the therapy centre, we can also provide bodywork and emotional well-being therapy services at your place of work. There are numerous benefits on providing therapies at your premises.

Bodywork Therapies:

  • shows commitment to employee development and well-being
  • Research shows that happy staff are more productive and positive at work.
  • optimises employee health - can help to reduce absenteeism and staff turnover
  • promotes vitality and a sense of well-being
  • helps to manage symptoms of stress including tension headaches, neck & shoulder stiffness, eye strain and backache
  • improves circulation, lymphatic and digestive functions for better health
  • promotes self-awareness including working posture and associated muscular tension

Just 15 minutes of bodywork therapy can make a difference to the individual. Direct massage to key areas like head, neck and shoulders can improve awareness of posture and ease muscular tension. Another key benefit for the work situation is that it also helps to release 'feel good' hormones which help to reduce stress levels.  Treatments can be carried out over clothing at work stations, or in a designated area.

Cognitive/Talking Therapies

Access to an external source of help can be beneficial in helping staff to develop a better understanding and resolution of situations that may be affecting performance at work. It can also provide means of motivating and helping staff to achieve their potential at work.

  • opportunity for staff to find solutions to work related problems with a non-judgmental and independent person
  • staff have access to professional help for personal issues that are affecting productivity at work
  • encourage personal growth and awareness
  • focus on goal-setting and effective methods of achieving targets
Human Resources: Good Practice Ideas:

For more ideas and suggestions on ways to encourage your staff to be healthier and how your organisation can help them to achieve this, click here: 


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"I most liked the quality of the massage itself - one of the very best I've had, if not the best!"