A fundraising journey for Lizzie by Gill

Published on 15th July 2017

When my niece Lizzie told me about the help she was getting from Maggie’s Highlands Centre following her cancer diagnosis I was relieved to learn that people were supporting Lizzie and her family.  I wanted to show Lizzie my support and show my appreciation to Maggie’s Centres and so the idea of a year of challenges was born.  I felt that the challenges had to be events that pushed me and took me out of my comfort zone – something that me feel alive, albeit slightly scared! 

I’m no athlete and, although a competent swimmer, the idea of cycling 100k and running any distance, definitely come under the heading of “scary things to do”.  I am so lucky that I have had a team of first class therapists at my disposal!  They have advised me, treated my injuries, encouraged me to keep going and made me slow down when necessary.  On top of that our amazing admin team and Hazel, have cheered me on, laughed with (and sometimes at!) me and steadfastly refused to let me give up when the going started to get tough………..and then got tougher still!!

I am now 6 months into the year of challenges and have completed the first three of them; a freezing cold Polar Swim, a roasting hot 100k cycle and a very colourful 5k run.  I still have a night swim to do in September and a Pie-athlon in December (although it should be noted that pie eating training has already commenced!).  I have no doubt that my “support team” will continue to keep my muscles in good working order and my mind focussed on the tasks ahead.

Not content with the help offered so far, my fabulous colleagues are now donating their time and services to the Being Busy for Lizzie fundraiser.  I am very humbled to be part of such a fantastic team and would like to say a huge THANK YOU to them all from myself and Lizzie for their continued support and encouragement. 

It would be great to see as many people as possible at the Open Day on 3 August so that we can further help Maggie’s Centres continue to invaluable work they do.

My JustGiving Link is https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/being-busy-for-lizzie



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