Swedish Massage

The most obvious effect of any massage is relaxation, but the benefits are numerous and a body massage will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Massage is a system of treatment by stroking, kneading or pressing the soft tissues of the body with the aim of achieving mental and physical relaxation and well being. It uses a whole range of massage techniques, including neuromuscular and connective tissue manipulation, to give an invigorating yet relaxing treatment. Massage, particularly if received on a regular basis, can be used as a preventive therapy to help maintain good health and well being and is beneficial for a wide range of conditions.

Massage can be given using deep or light pressure, depending on the individual preference of the client.

Therapists: Alistair, Charlotte, Deborah, Jacqui, Lauren, OliviaRachel

"I really enjoyed my massage and felt very comfortable, all aspects of my health were discussed beforehand and it was very professional. Thanks"

"I most liked the quality of the massage itself - one of the very best I've had, if not the best!"

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