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Reduce Stress with Massage Treatments

Published on 8th April 2022

Reduce Stress with Massage Treatments

Working in a demanding environment, or juggling the responsibilities of everyday life can cause stress to build up over time. While it can seem a normal part of daily living, this stress can cause a whole range of health complications.

Stress is a factor in many life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, vascular problems, and strokes, the risk of which can increase over time and with age as tolerance and immune defences reduce. While there are many stress-reducing medicines, exercises, and herbal remedies available, a massage can go a long way to bringing down high levels of stress successfully. 

Medical Benefits of Massage Treatments

Along with well-documented mental benefits, massage therapy can effectively help with to manage pain and strains. A deep tissue massage targets ligaments, tendons, and muscles, while a pain relief massage incorporates acupressure to target pain sites and reduce discomfort. Massage, when done regularly, has been shown to improve the immune system and increase resistance to illness or allergies.  Massage can help to effectively expel waste and toxins by moving the fluid in the lymphatic drainage system. 

Stress can be substantially reduced and regular therapeutic treatments can help people cope with challenging events such as bereavement or divorce, as well as combat muscle injury and promote faster healing from things like training or sports-related strains. For stress management, having a regular massage will help to manage the symptoms and effects of challenging life events, and there are many other benefits that come from maintaining a regular appointment schedule. 

Massage therapy has been shown to relieve anxiety, improve insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns, and can relieve digestive disorders. So for those suffering from stress, consider massage as a non-invasive treatment that is a viable alternative to pharmaceutical drugs or over the counter medicines. 

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