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Why Should You Choose A Swedish Massage?

Published on 10th April 2018

There are many different styles and types of massage and Swedish (also known as Classic) Massage, is one of the most popular. All forms of massage are beneficial for health and wellbeing and Swedish Massage in particular is an excellent maintenance treatment. It involves taking a holistic approach to each client and is often used alongside conventional medicine to achieve the best result for each person. The benefits are wide ranging and can have physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Swedish massage can help you to remember how to relax. That might sound strange, but in our busy society, many people have forgotten how to truly relax and allow their body to soften and let go of tension. This state can help towards pain relief and counter the build up of stress. There are many other benefits to achieving deep relaxation through the massage techniques used in Swedish massage including improving blood circulation in the body. The movements are designed to help to improve blood flow and thereby increase the distribution of nutrients to the body as well as increasing the removal of metabolic waste more effectively.

Swedish massage is generally a light, rhythmical massage, although your therapist will take a holistic approach and take into account your preference for depth of pressure. If you like very firm pressure, then a Deep Tissue Massage would also be an option to consider.


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