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How is your emotional health?

Published on 5th November 2016

How is your Emotional Health?

Just how prevalent are mental health issues?  Statistics show that 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems each year[1].  Children are also facing increasing pressure, with cyber bullying being cited as one of the main concerns.  Rates of depression and anxiety amongst teenagers have seen a 70% increase in the past 25 years, particularly since the mid 1980’s[2].

So, what are our options? 

  • Arranging to see your GP is the first step for many people. 
  • Help and advice is available both by telephone and online by many organisations, including The Samaritans, Mental Health Foundation, Childline, Young Minds, Sane, Rethink
  • Accessing therapy can be done on the NHS via your GP or can be arranged privately which has the advantage of accessing help very quickly
  • Brief counselling has been found to be more effective than routine primary care in the short term, whilst a combination of counselling and medication may be most effective[3].
  • Research recently published finds that Mindfulness Therapy can be more effective than taking anti-depressent drugs[4].

Looking for help but unsure which therapy is right for you?  Our experienced therapists will work with you to provide you with the correct tools to enable you to move forward.  Call one of our friendly team on 01457 835491 to book an appointment or to arrange a free, initial telephone chat with an experienced therapist.



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