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Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Diarrhea Relief In IBS

Published on 16th December 2016

Acupuncture outperforms medications for the treatment of diarrhea due to irritable bowel syndrome. Termed IBS-D, this type of irritable bowel syndrome presents with chronic diarrhea as one of the primary symptoms. In a protocolized study conducted at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (Pei et al.), researchers determined that acupuncture has a higher treatment effective rate for the relief of IBS-D than pinaverium bromide.

Acupuncture Saves Little Girl from Eczema

Published on 15th December 2016

After all other forms of treatment had failed, Ricardo Miranda, L.Ac.cured a little girl of eczema. She was cured primarily through the use of acupuncture, says Miranda.

Massage Therapy May Be Useful in Treating Symptoms of Anxiety

Published on 11th November 2016

The researchers conclude, “. . . a time-limited course of massage may be a reasonable treatment alternative for people with GAD.

Do you have personal health insurance plan?

Published on 11th November 2016

If so, check your policy to see which therapies are covered.

How is your emotional health?

Published on 5th November 2016

World Mental Health Day2016

Published on 5th October 2016

Every year the World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10th October as an opportunity to globally raise awareness of mental health issues. This year’s theme is Psychological First Aid and supporting people in distress.



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