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Refreshing Foot Scrub

Published on 16th May 2020

Hairmazing Conditioner!

Published on 15th May 2020

So, we’ve done “spa” treatments for your face and feet – today we’re going to make your hairdresser proud of you (no scissors or dye involved)!  Let’s face it, we are all missing our hairdresser during lockdown.  We’ve got rampant roots, floppy fringes and sloppy styling!

Breathing Is Good For You.

Published on 14th May 2020

Did you know that the majority of us don’t actually breathe properly? Here is how your “how to” guide to breathing:

Oatilicious Exfoliator

Published on 13th May 2020

This gorgeous recipe contains oats to gently exfoliate and calm the skin, honey to cleanse, brown sugar for exfoliation and hydration and jojoba oil to reduce redness and dryness. 

Coconut Cleanser

Published on 12th May 2020

Lots of people are moving away from using harsh chemicals on their skin, preferring to use gentler, more natural products.  Our Fractionated Coconut oil makes a fabulous natural cleanser and is gentle on the skin.

Marvellous Moisturiser

Published on 12th May 2020

Our marvellous recipe for a natural moisturiser.

Exciting News!

Published on 30th April 2020

We’ve been working hard on a secret mission and we are excited (but you’ve probably already guessed that!) to bring you our shiny new ONLINE SHOP!!

Self Isolating Week One

Published on 31st March 2020

So, how are they faring after a week of all 4 of them working from home and living together under the new “lockdown” rules?  Well I’m happy to report that they are all still on speaking terms and productivity is still at a reasonable level. 

The Centre is Closed Until Further Notice

Published on 23rd March 2020

Following the latest government guidelines, the centre will be closed from 23rd March and will therefore not be able to offer appointments for the time being, with the exception of a Counselling telephone service for those who are feeling anxious and want to speak to a professional counsellor for support.

Surviving Self-Isolating

Published on 19th March 2020

If you had told most people 6 months ago, that they may have to stay at home for up to 4 months the majority would have said “yay, time to rest/read/watch Netflix”.  Unfortunately, that is now the case for many of people, and the reality isn’t nearly as nice as the idea.  We live in a vibrant, busy, noisy world and to be suddenly isolated from all that can be very worrying.  It’s easy, particularly when you’re alone for a long time, to overthink things and get on the “worry train”. So, how do you survive self-isolation and how can you help others who are self-isolating?



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